Set up a custom domain

Use your own domain name instead of the default "" or change your subdomain.

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Free domain and hosting on all plans

Pathwright provides you with a custom subdomain for free formatted like this: If you would simply like to change the subdomain that you chose at sign-up, contact us through the chat below or email us at and we can change that for you. 

Custom domain

If you’d prefer to use your own domain, such as or just, we’re happy to help you set that up. 

Custom domains start with the Essentials Plan and above, so if you're on the Starter Plan or haven't activated your account yet, you may be asked to activate or upgrade. 

Here are the steps to add your custom domain

1. First, purchase the domain name you'd like to use from Namecheap, GoDaddy, Hover, or any other domain name provider.

2. Next, set up your DNS records. This step varies depending on whether you're using a subdomain or your root or apex domain. For example, if your primary website is, a subdomain would look like or

If you're using a subdomain, point your desired subdomain with a CNAME record to "" That's it! Skip to step #3.

If you'd like to use your root or apex domain, such as "," your DNS host may require you to use A records instead of a CNAME record. If that applies, first add three A records that point your domain to the following three IP addresses:




Once the A records are set up for your root domain, add a CNAME record pointing to "" to prevent any issues with users accessing your account.

3. Once the DNS records are added, if the setup was successful, then visiting your custom domain in your browser should show a landing page with a success message similar to the one below:

At this point, please contact us and let us know what custom domain you’ve chosen. We'll complete the setup on our end.

If you don't see this landing page, that could be indicative of a delay in the DNS changes propagating to your computer or an issue with your DNS setup. If that happens, please let us know, and we'll help troubleshoot.

Get more help

If you're not comfortable with managing your DNS, send us the following information and we'll walk you through the next steps.

1. What is the URL of your account currently?

2. What is the domain registrar or domain name provider for your new custom domain? Or, if you've connected your domain to another DNS hosting service, what service are you currently using?
3. What is the URL for your new custom domain?

Contact us at or through the chat in the lower right corner. 


Q. Will I need to renew anything on my end?
A. Pathwright provides the SSL certificates. Renewals are automated by our platform as long as the DNS record pointing to our platform remains in place.

Q. I already own a domain name that I use for my primary website. Can I use that name or must I create a separate domain?
A. We can't put your school on a domain name that is identical to your primary website, but you can use a subdomain, and that should be free for you to use. For example, if your primary website is, a subdomain would look like or

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