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Use Variables in Custom Reminders
Use Variables in Custom Reminders

Personalize your Custom Reminders for start & end dates using dynamic Variables.

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You can use the Scheduler & Custom Reminder features to help keep your learners on track with their work and foster communication.

A nice, effective way of prompting learners is to personalize the Reminder message to them. Everyone loves to see their own name and it's easy to include it in each Reminder message.

To use Variables in Custom Reminders:

  • Open an existing Reminder or create a new one from the Scheduler.

  • In the "Reminder Message" area, select a Variable that's between double brackets like this: {{ user.first_name }}. This will open the Variable Selector.

  • Or, type brackets anywhere (like this "{{ }}") and select within in it to open the Variable Selector.

  • Select the Variable you'd like to dynamically generate for each learner who receives the notification.

Open Reminder Message with the Variable Selector open in the message area.

A few tips:

  • The "Step" Variables apply to Steps, but also "Lessons" as well. So if your Reminder is attached to a Lesson, it will use the Lesson Variables correctly even though the Variable Selector still says "Step." (We realize this is confusing and plan to improve it.)

  • A "Resource" refers to the Course that the Lesson or Step is in. So {{ Resource.Name}} will dynamically display the Course name the Reminder is within.

  • A "Cohort" is the unique instance of your Course that has its own moderators, learners, schedule, and Community. Many Courses only have one Cohort, but others have hundreds. If you're interested in upgrading to use Cohorts, see this article.

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