Ask your staff to respond

Work more efficiently with your team by notifying another staff member when you need them to share feedback or answer a question.

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Are you working with multiple teachers and moderators in a single course or Group?

In the Inbox, you can see at a glance which fellow staff members have already shared private feedback with a learner using the Discuss feature, as well as the total number of responses. Reviewers who have not responded will have their avatars greyed out, and reviewers who have responded will have their avatars circled in red:

To ask a fellow staff member to respond:

Hover over the grouped reviewers list to pull up a tooltip listing all reviewers with their response counts. From there, tap the airplane icon to send an instant notification to your colleague:

You can also select "ask to respond" under additional actions on a learner's discussion question or post:

The notification message will include a link to the discussion and will indicate that you have asked this teammate to respond.

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