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Add Pathwright to your mobile device
Add Pathwright to your mobile device

A 30-second tip that puts Pathwright right on your iPhone, iPad, or Android homescreen so you can open it like an app.

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For Apple Devices

  1. On your iPad or iPhone, open Safari and enter your Pathwright account URL (e.g.,

  2. Now, tap the "Share" icon. This may be located at the bottom middle of your screen or in the upper right corner. 

  3. On the share menu, scroll the list of gray icons to the right and tap the "Add to Home Screen" button. An "Add to Home" screen will appear.

  4. On the "Add to Home" screen, just tap the "Add" link in the top right corner.

For Android Devices

  1. On your Android tablet or phone, launch Chrome and enter your Pathwright account URL (e.g.,

  2. Now, tap the menu button and select "Add to homescreen." 

You're all set! Now you have a new "app icon" on your homescreen to tap whenever you want to access your Pathwright account.

This should work similarly on another browser as well. Just look for the option to "Add to Home Screen" under your browser menu options. 

💡Tip for Admins: Your account icon will be used to generate the app icon that appears on the homescreen. Update your account icon under Account Settings > Customize your brand > Change account icon. 

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