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How to download your certificate of completion (for learners)
How to download your certificate of completion (for learners)

Learners can download a certificate of completion for selected courses to document their achievement.

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Some courses provide a certificate of completion when all required assignments in the course are completed. The certificate can be downloaded as a PDF file and saved to your device or printed.

Complete the course

The certificate will not be accessible until you complete all required steps in the course. Be sure to mark your progress by clicking the "Complete Step" button at the bottom of each page.

When you mark the final step complete, a screen will pop up to congratulate you on your completion. If your course provides a certificate of completion, there will be a "View Certificate" button that you can use to download the certificate.

Not seeing the certificate?

Download your certificate

There are two ways to access your certificate after the course is completed...

1. Click the "Download Certificate" link at the top of the Path.

  • With the course open, click or tap the link that says "Download Certificate," at the very top of the course Path. Your certificate should begin downloading.

2. Click the "Download certificate" link from your home page.

  • From your Home page, click on the three dots ("...") in the upper right corner of your complete course to open a drop down menu with additional actions.

  • Click the "Download certificate" link. Your certificate should begin downloading.

💡Tip: You can access your certificate for as long as you have access to your account. If you lose access to your account, you will no longer be able to download the certificate, so be sure to do it right away and save the PDF to your files.

Still having trouble downloading the certificate?

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