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Create a new Course

Creating a new Course is the first step in adding your content in your Pathwright account.

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Before you can add lessons, steps, modules, and all the readings, videos, discussions, and other activities that will make up your course, you'll need to create a course to upload your teaching material into. Ready to start designing a Course that you or others will teach? 

Create a Course for a single Cohort to take

When you first log into your Pathwright account, you'll see your Home page. The Teach tab will list specific Cohorts that you are teaching and you can also use the Teach tab to create new Courses and Cohorts. 

  1. Go to your Teach tab on your Home page and select the "New Cohort" button in the upper right corner.

  2. Click into the first text box and type in a Course name to create a new Course.

  3. In the lower text box, enter the name you would like to give your Cohort and click the "Create" button.

Here are those steps again:

Select "New Cohort."

Type your Course name into the first text box. Type a name for your first Cohort into the second text box. Select the "Create" button to finish creating your Course and first Cohort.

The Cohort for your new Course will be listed on your Teach tab. Select the Cohort. Your Cohort will open to the Source Path, where you will begin to build a learning path for your learners. We refer to the content portion of a Course as a "Path."

You can edit the course details by opening “Course Settings” using the gear icon in the upper right corner. You can open the Cohort settings by opening the drop down menu just beside the Cohort name and selecting "Edit Cohort Settings."

Create a Course that multiple Cohorts will take

You will also have the option to create Courses from your Design tab. By building out the Source Path first, you will be able to publish multiple customizable Cohorts that you or others can teach. 

  1. Under the "Design" tab, select the button that says “New path.” 

  2. Name your Course, then select “Create.” 

The new Course will be listed on your Design tab. Select the Course. Your Course will open to the Source Path where you will begin to build a learning path for your learners. 

Once your Source Path is built, you can create multiple Cohorts: unique offerings of the Course with separate class rosters, discussions, schedules, pricing, etc. Find out how to create a new Cohort

Need to add yourself as the Teacher of one or more of the Cohorts? Here's how to set yourself as the teacher. 

Examples of courses and cohorts on Pathwright

View the video below for examples of different uses of courses and cohorts.

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