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Control the colors and styling of your content "Blocks."

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Now you can customize the styling of your Blocks content! We'll be adding more styling options in the future, but we've started with some of the most frequently-requested styling tools: adjust padding, and use custom text and background colors.

What's included in this release 

  • Three vertical spacing/padding options

  • Three horizontal spacing/padding options

  • Four predefined grayscale text/background schemes

  • Endless custom color schemes. This is intended primarily for designers to implement brand colors. Text and background colors are added via a text input. Any CSS color value is acceptable, including hex values, rgb(a), and key words (ex: blue). 

  • One saved custom color scheme. You can use as many custom color schemes as you like and we'll save the last one for quick re-use. 

  • Your styles are retained when you make a copy of your Block. 

How to access Blocks styles

While in edit mode, click or tap the styling button (paint roller icon) in the upper left corner of the Block. Choose from presets, or select Edit to create a custom text and background color combination. 

Enter your brand color codes, or find hex codes online. For example, see https://htmlcolorcodes.com/

What's next? 

Here are a few of the styles we're considering for the future: 

  • Adjust shading for contrast over images with text

  • Add and remove shadow behind images

  • Choose from pre-selected custom fonts

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