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🖨️Print content: Print or save your content to PDF
🖨️Print content: Print or save your content to PDF

Admins can print or save their content to PDF and optionally allow learners to do so as well.

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When you preview your course as a learner, you can see a printer icon in the upper right corner of each step. Admins, editors, and teachers will always be able to see this icon and print or save their content. 

However, your members will not see this unless you have enabled printing. This feature is still in beta, but you can test it out by pasting a few lines of CSS into your Account Settings. 

Adding this CSS will make the button visible to:

  • moderators

  • learners

  • observers

How it works

In preview mode there is a print control available in the top right corner of a step. Clicking this will prepare a special printable view of the step and open a print dialog.

Here's what is supported: 

  • Print or save one step at a time. (You can select "Save to PDF" to save as a PDF file instead of printing.)

  • Includes most text and images.

Here's what is not supported: 

  • At this stage of the beta, you can only print one step at a time. 

  • Not all content will print. In fact, most interactive content (videos, submissions, attachments, discussions, etc.) will just show up as blank spots. Although most text and images will print, those used in interactive Blocks may not print fully; i.e. Flashcards, Tabs, Accordions.

  • Ctrl+P doesn’t always work. This built-in browser method attempts to print the whole page (and we still don’t support that).

How to enable

The button is always visible to staff. To make visible to learners, paste the following custom CSS into your Account Settings. 

  1. Open Settings from the main menu or your Admin Dashboard. 

  2. Go to Customize your brand, then Add custom CSS.

  3. Copy the following to your clipboard and then paste into the CSS field. Save, and you're done! 

.PathItemControl__Print {
  display: block !important;

Note: You may have to fiddle with print settings. For example, make sure “Background graphics” is enabled to print any step with background images.

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