The Community tab and the discussions are the only places that learners can see other participants who are taking the same Cohort alongside them.

If for any reason you need to disable the Community and discussion features, you can adjust this per Cohort or per Course (affects all associated Cohorts). 

To disable discussions Course-wide

To turn off discussions for a Course, open the "Course Settings." Go to "More Settings" and toggle "Enable discussion?" to the off position. This will hide the entire Community tab from learners and staff.

To disable discussions for one Cohort

To turn off discussions for a single Cohort...

  1. Open your Cohort and select the three dots (...) at the top of the course Path directly under the name of the course. This will open a menu with additional options.

  2. Select "Edit Cohort Settings" from the menu.

  3. Toggle "Enable discussion?" to the off position. 

Toggling discussions off will hide any existing discussions. 

You can toggle discussions back on anytime. 

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