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Reorder lessons and steps

A quick guide to using the drag-and-drop Path builder.

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You can easily drag-and-drop steps to reorder them within a lesson. You can also drag steps into a different lesson or drag entire lessons or topics to reorder them. 

How to reorder pieces on the Path

Open the course to the Path tab. If you're editing the Source Path, you can start editing right away. Make sure the Path indicates that you're in the Source Path at the top of the Course. 

If you're editing an individual Cohort, you'll need to switch the "Teach/Design" toggle at the top of the Path to "Design" in order to customize the content. Changes made to the Cohort Path will affect only the current Cohort.

Now, hover over or tap the step or lesson and click and hold the arrow icon labelled "Reorder" to grab the piece you want to move and drag-and-drop it into place. 

Hit the Sync button to push your changes to your learners' paths. 

What can I drag-and-drop?

You can move any step anywhere on the Path, even from one lesson to another. 

You can reorder entire lessons by clicking the reorder icon in the top right corner of the lesson. 

Dividers in between lessons can also be reordered in the same way. 

Want to move a lesson or step from one course to another? See copy and paste lessons and steps. 

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