Receiving personal feedback is a great motivator for learners. We've designed the review and feedback tools to help you maximize your time and provide timely, relevant feedback each time a learner completes a step that requires your input. 

You will receive notifications for any step set to require manual review. 

How to view learner completions

There are multiple ways to approach grading. If you're teaching one course, you'll probably use this one: 

  1. Open the course Path and make sure your "Teach/Edit" button is toggled to "Teach." 
  2. Use the Review icon to open a list of learner completions. 
  3. Click on the learner to view details and enter your feedback and/or grade points. 

View all completions

To view all completions for all steps, click the Review icon on the right side of the page. 

This will open a screen that shows all learner completions and will by default show any steps that require review. 

View completions by step

To view completions on a single step, hover over the step and select the Review icon. You can also open the step and there will be a Review icon in the top right corner of the step. Select this to see student completions for just the step you are viewing. 

Grading from your Teach tab

If you teach multiple courses, you'll likely find your Teach tab helpful for staying on top of grading. 

  1. Log in and find the Teach tab on your home page, or select "Teaching" from the main menu. 
  2. Use the Review icon on each cohort to open a list of learner completions. Or jump to a recent item from your notifications bell. 
  3. Click on the learner to view details and enter your feedback and/or grade points. 

Enter feedback and grade points

From the Review screen, you will see each learner represented and whether or not he has completed the step. You can sort these by status using the drop down menu in the upper right corner. 

If the step was an assessment made with our built-in assessment tool, you can review the quiz or test and see how the student answered. If the step was a Submit step with a file uploaded or text submitted, you'll be able to download the file or read the text.

You can leave feedback on any step using an editor that allows you to enter text, images, links, videos, and other files. 

If the step is completed and points are assigned, you will also be able to add or edit a grade. Note that only whole numbers are accepted in the grades. 

💡 Tip: If you would like to be emailed regularly about items that need review, with a quick link to each item, use the settings under your bell notifications icon to subscribe to a weekly or daily email digest. See more on managing your notifications. 

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