There are two formats you may encounter in your course for leaving a private note for your moderator or teacher: "leave a comment" and the newer version "start feedback."

Leave a comment

You may be permitted or required to leave a comment when you complete a step. Comments are visible only to moderators and teachers. 

Enter your comment in the text box just above the "Complete Step" button. If a comment is required, you must enter text before you will be allowed to complete the step. 

The moderator or teacher may respond to your comment by adding feedback. If feedback is provided, you'll be notified. 

To continue a conversation about the feedback you've received, it's best to start a new email to your moderator or teacher. You can access staff emails at the top of the Path. 

Start feedback

If you see a "Start feedback" link at the bottom of the step, you can click that to start a dialogue that is only visible to you and to staff. Type your message and send. You'll be notified by email and in-app notification if your teacher responds later on and you can also view the entire private dialogue there. 

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