For teachers and moderators

Receiving personal feedback is a great motivator for learners. We've designed the review and feedback tools to help you maximize your time and provide timely, relevant feedback each time a learner completes a step that requires your input.

Teachers and moderators will receive a notification upon completion of any step set to require manual review.

How to view learner completions

There are multiple ways to access the Review features. Here are the most common.

1. View all completions in a cohort

Open the Cohort Path and make sure you're in "Teach" mode. Use the Review icon on the right to open a list of learner completions.

This will open a screen that shows all learner completions and will by default show any steps that require review. Select any learner to view details and enter your feedback and/or grade points.

2. View completions by step or lesson

To view completions on a single step or lesson, hover over the step or lesson and select the Review icon.

You can also open a step and there will be a Review icon in the top right corner of the step. Select this to see learner completions for just the single step you are viewing.

3. View completions from your Teach tab

If you teach multiple courses, you'll likely find your Teach tab helpful for staying on top of grading.

  1. Log in and find the Teach tab on your home page, or select "Home" from the main menu and make sure the page is toggled to "Paths," then "Teach" at the top.

  2. Any Cohort with items needing review will have a red dot in the upper right corner. Click the three dots (...) in the upper right corner to open a menu with additional actions.

  3. From the menu, select "Review Submissions." This will open a list of learner completions.

4. View completions from your notifications

A teacher or moderator will automatically receive in-app notifications when a learner completes a step that requires review.

Click on any recent completion from your notifications bell. This will take you directly to the item needing review. Prefer to receive these notifications by email? Subscribe to the email digest to receive notifications by email daily or weekly. See more on managing your notifications.

5. View completions by learner

From any Cohort Path, open "View learner progress" or click on the learner avatars on the right side of the page. Select a learner to see all their work in the course. Select any step to review or grade that learner's completion of the step. 

Admins-only: admins can also open the account-wide Community screen from the menu or Dashboard. Select any learner, then select one of their courses to see all their work in the course. Select any step to review or grade that learner's completion of the step. 

Enter feedback and grade points

With the Review screen open, you will see each learner represented and whether or not he has completed the step. You can sort these by status using the drop down menu in the upper right corner.

If the step was an assessment made with our built-in assessment tools, you can review the quiz or test and see how the learner answered. If a file was uploaded, you can click to preview or download the file.

You can leave private feedback on any completion that is visible only to the individual learner and other staff with access to Review.

Feedback can include both text and files. Select the file button to upload...

  • a marked-up paper.

  • your response as a video or audio file.

  • an image.

Leave a comment and select the Send button to send your comment and any attached files. You can...

  • hit Enter to add a paragraph break

  • highlight text to format or add a hyperlink

  • edit a sent comment

  • delete a sent comment

  • "like" a comment

If the step is completed and points are assigned, you will be able to add or edit a grade in the upper right corner. Note that only whole numbers are accepted in the grades.

If no points are assigned to the step, but the step requires review, you can optionally leave feedback and mark as reviewed.

Private feedback discussions

The feedback screen now supports private feedback discussions. It's basically a private discussion between your school staff and a single learner in the context of any step. 

The learner can now initiate feedback on the step also, either before or after completion, on steps that require review. They can also respond in-platform or via response to an email notification, and the entire conversation will be recorded in the platform. 

Now, it's much easier for multiple staff members to provide feedback on an assignment. 

Notifications for feedback

Feedback discussions are private between the individual learner and staff. Anyone enrolled in the cohort as a teacher or moderator or mentoring the learner in a Mentor Group will receive feedback notifications. 

We send feedback notifications in-app and by email...

  • to the learner when a staff member initially leaves a grade or feedback. 

  • to a learner when a staff member responds to feedback.

  • to all staff members when a learner starts a new feedback discussion.

  • to all staff members when a learner replies to feedback. 

Each feedback thread now includes a subscribe/unsubscribe button to allow staff to opt in and opt out of feedback notifications, so if you wish to stop being notified about a particular thread, follow a notification back to the thread and unsubscribe. 

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