Open the course to the Path tab. If you're editing the Cohort Path, you can start editing right away. Make sure the Path indicates that you're in the Source Path at the top of the course. 

If you're editing an individual Cohort, you'll need to have the "Edit" button switched on to customize the content. 

Hover over a Divider, Lesson, or Step and you will see several icons appear on the right. You can Edit (pencil icon), Move (arrow icon), or Delete (trashcan icon). Let’s look at each of these actions. 

Edit (pencil icon): This allows you to change the text displayed on the Path. You cannot change a step type once you have saved it; to change the type, you'll need to create a new step and delete the old one. 

Move (arrow icon): Select and hold the arrow icon to drag and drop a Divider, Lesson, or Step to a new location on the Path. 

Delete (trashcan icon): If you delete a Step, that step and any files or discussions associated with it will be deleted. If you delete a Lesson, all Steps, files, and discussions associated with the Lesson will be deleted. If you delete a Divider, only the divider itself will be deleted. Please use care as you cannot undo a deletion. 

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