If you're an educator looking to make a difference in this trying time, you have our full support. For a limited time, we're offering discounted plans to help out.

We'll provide free plans for individual educators who:

  • Provide qualified teaching around COVID-19.
  • Teach in a traditional classroom and are moving classes online for the first time (including parents, K-12 teachers, and university teachers).

We'll provide discounted plans and course design help to educators who:

  • Are non-profits, businesses, or churches suddenly shifting their in-person teaching online while under financial pressure.
  • Provide free or heavily discounted education to people who are isolated and need help learning & growing (and that's most of us right now).

(The application takes about 2 minutes.)

Once you apply, we'll be in touch to discuss how we can make a difference together.

Stay safe and make paths. Thank you for your good work.

All of us at Pathwright

Please share:
if you know of other educators who need support as they move their training, events, classes or any other type of education online, please share!

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