The following will apply for accounts using our "Multiple Cohorts" features. If your account is using the Source/Cohorts setup and you are an admin or library editor, your home page will have a "Design" tab next to the Teach tab. Enter any Course from the Design tab to view the Source Path for that course. 

How to publish updates to multiple cohorts

To make an update that is shared with every Cohort taking your course, simply make the updates to the Source Path and then use the Publish button to sync those updates with all the cohorts in the course. 

                 ^       ^      ^
        Cohort  Cohort  Cohort

You can access the Source by selecting the course from your Design tab rather than from your Teach tab. Or use the Settings menu inside the course to switch to the Source. You will see "Source - Settings" directly below the course name at the top of the Path when you are editing the Source. 

How to personalize the Path for a single Cohort

To customize the Path you created in the Source for a specific Cohort, open the cohort from your Teach tab or switch to the cohort from the Settings menu directly above the Path. 

Toggle to Edit mode, make any cohort-specific changes, and publish to this Cohort only. 

When you're in a cohort, you will see "{{Cohort Name}} - Settings" directly below the course name at the top of the Path.

Select "Edit Source" from this menu at any time to navigate to the Source Path and start editing the "blueprint" version of your content instead.  

⭐Two important principles for customizing Cohorts

#1 Changes made to the core content inside a step update that content everywhere it is used. 

If the step content originated in the Source, your edits will be synced to the Source and every other cohort using that content. 

The core content of a step includes everything inside the step below the step title bar.

It includes discussions that are posted within the content area as "discussion prompts," but excludes the "personal questions" in the discussion area below. Edits to this area are also published independently of other edits using the Publish button in the upper right corner of the content area. 

Updating this content in one place instantly updates it everywhere it is used. Only admins and editors have permission to edit step content that originated in the Source. 

#2 Changes made to the Cohort Path stay on the Cohort Path. 

You can rename, reorder, add, or delete Steps, Lessons, and Dividers from the Cohort Path: the Source Path and other Cohort Paths will not be affected. You can edit Step settings, Step and Lesson descriptions, and add or edit personal questions in the discussion area below the content area of the Step. 

These changes will customize the cohort and will not be overwritten by any future updates to the Source Path. All edits to the Cohort Path are published using the Publish button in the upper right corner of the Path. 

How to customize core content in a Step for a Cohort

That being said, if you need to customize the core content of a Step inside a Cohort for just that Cohort, you can copy the Step, or create a new Step to replace it, and delete the old Step, and then build the custom content in the new Step. 

At this point, the content will diverge from the Source.

                 ^       ^      ^
         Cohort  Cohort  /-> customized Cohort

Since teachers (those who are not admins or editors) cannot edit content shared from the Source, they can instead copy a step to make an editable version for their own cohort. Here are further instructions from the teacher's perspective for how to customize a course you're teaching.

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