As a teacher of a course, you will have two modes when viewing the course Path: Edit and Teach. If you were invited to teach a course created by someone else, you'll primarily use Teach mode, but you may also want to use Edit mode to customize your own cohort. 

If you're an admin of the account (and you're not using multiple cohorts), you'll start building in Edit mode, but when you return to the course later, it will default to "Teach mode." If you need to make additions or edits, you may find that you need to change your view of the Path so that you can make the intended edit. Note that if you're an admin and your account uses multiple cohorts, you will want to view this article on managing multiple cohorts instead. 

How to switch modes

You can switch between Edit mode and Teach mode at any time by using the Teach/ Edit switch at the top of the course Path. 

Edit mode

Use Edit mode to add, delete, move, and edit dividers, lessons, and steps on the Path and build new steps, lessons, and dividers. 

Hover over any divider, lesson, or step and you'll see the following icons. 

Edit (pencil icon): Use this icon to edit the name of the step or lesson or the lesson description. Note that after adding and saving a step, you can't edit the step type. Just delete the incorrect step and add a new one. 

Reorder (up-and-down arrow): Click and hold the arrow icon to grab the piece you want to move. Drag it to a new position on the Path. 

Delete (trashcan icon): Click and then confirm to delete the entire step, lesson, or divider. There is no way to restore deleted items without contacting support, so use with care. 

Teach mode

Use Teach mode to schedule start and due dates, view student progress, grade submissions, and facilitate discussions. 

In Teach mode, hover over any lesson or step and you'll see some of the following icons. 

Stats (indicator icon with percentage): This gives you stats on how the step is performing.

Review (inbox icon): This gives you access to student completions so you can review and provide grades and feedback.

Schedule (calendar icon): Select the calendar icon to set Start and/or Due dates.

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