Videos can be a great way to introduce yourself, teach about your topic, demonstrate how to do a new skill, or bring in different viewpoints from others for your learners to consider. 

How to add a video

  1. Create a "Watch" learning step on your course Path and choose to "Embed a video."
  2. Paste in the YouTube URL or the embed code from your video hosting service.
  3. Load the video into the content area and save. 

How to add video and text within the same step

You can also use the "Insert video" button in the text editor to embed a video on almost any step type. Here are instructions for using a "Watch" step. 

  1. Create a "Watch" learning step on your course Path and choose to "Reference an external video." 
  2. In the text editor provided, click the "insert video" button, paste in your embed code, and save. 

Video Hosting

If you have created your own videos, you will need a video hosting service. We recommend using Vimeo Plus, since the videos can be easily embedded securely within your Pathwright Watch steps (as shown in the video above). They also have security settings that will let you restrict playback to your Pathwright school. 

You can also use any other hosting service as long as they provide a secure (https) embed code. Other popular choices are YouTube and Wistia.

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