Use a Two-column or Three-column image Block to compare/contrast or add multiple related images. Combine a number of Two- and Three-Column Blocks to create a striking collage page. 

The Carousel Block has many applications; for example, you can create a mini slideshow within your step and add text or audio in a new Block to accompany it. Or, simply allow the learner to browse a portfolio of images.

This article will cover image Blocks for multiple images. To see more options for adding single images, see Image Blocks.

How to add Gallery images

  1. Create a new step on your course Path and open the step.
  2. Select "Gallery" then choose one layout option (you can switch between layout options later). You've added a Block to your step!
  3. Select "Replace Image" and use the Media Manager to upload and insert your images. Or, for the Carousel layout, select the ➕ icon to add a new image or the 🔄 icon to change an image.
  4. Optionally add more Blocks. When finished, hit Publish.


You can switch between three types...

  • Two-column - great for comparing two images, and can be paired with the Two-column text Block.
  • Three-column - works well for a series of smaller, related images.
  • Carousel - displays one image at a time at full width; the learner can move through images like slides at their own pace. Can be used effectively as a mini slideshow.

You can additionally...

  • Upload files in the following formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.
  • Reuse files in other steps once stored in the Media Manager.
  • Upload multiple files at once (new!)


Q. What are the recommended file sizes and resolutions?
A. See the end of the Media Manager article here.

Q. Can I add captions to these images?
A. Gallery image Blocks don't currently include captions, but can be paired with text Blocks above or below.

Q. Can I resize images?
A. You can crop images when you upload them into the Media Manager. Images cannot currently be resized once uploaded. See more about using the Media Manager here.

All Blocks enable you to...

  • Toggle between similar layouts.
  • Duplicate the Block to edit and reuse on the same step.
  • Reorder Blocks up and down the page.
  • Insert additional Blocks above or below.
  • Delete Blocks.
  • Preview the entire step as a learner.
  • Undo previous edits (Control+Z to undo your last edit to text, or click "Publish," then "Discard" to undo all edits since you last published the step).
  • Copy & paste the entire step or lesson and reuse in the same course or another course.

Learn more about Blocks.

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