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Use a Collection to instantly give anyone access to an ordered bundle of Courses.

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For administrators

This beta is currently closed as Collections will be merged into an upcoming revision of the Path that will continue to support the essential functionality of Collections as a way to bundle multiple Paths.

If a Course is essentially a single Path, a Collection is a "path of paths," or a way to bundle and order a series of Courses for learners to take together within the same, continuous Cohort. Each Collection can have multiple, customizable Cohorts moving through the same series of Courses.

Use a Collection to take your multi-course program from choose-your-own adventure.... 

to one-step clarity. 

List multiple courses on one learning path and give instant access to all courses with a single enrollment. Keep everyone in a particular Cohort together as they work through the program.

How to create a Collection

Creating a Collection is very similar to creating a course. 

  1. Go to your Teach on your Home page and select "New Cohort." Or, from your Design tab, select "New Path" (you'll be able to add a Cohort later).

  2. Choose to create a new Collection. Name your Collection and select the "Create" button.

  3. Once you've created your Collection, you can edit the Path. Add existing courses to your Collection Path. Optionally group two or more courses together and add multiple groupings of courses. Drag and drop courses easily on the Path to reorder.

  4. Invite learners to the Cohort just like you would with an individual course. 

Create a new Collection from your Teach tab on your Home page. 

How it works / FAQs

These apply to the current beta; more functionality is coming soon. 

How does pricing work? 

Pricing works the same way as for a regular course; all courses included in the Collection are included in the single purchase or subscription price automatically; learners will not (cannot) be prompted to pay for each course in a Collection separately.

How does this work with multiple Cohorts? 

Each Cohort within the Collection, whether created by staff or a member via member-created Cohorts, will be persistent through all the courses inside. Learners enrolled in one Cohort will not be mixed in with learners in other Cohorts. 

For example, if you create a public Cohort in the Collection, everyone who enrolls in it will be in the public Cohort in each of the Courses included in the Collection. 

If someone creates a private Cohort in the same Collection, everyone who enrolls in that private cohort will be automatically enrolled in the same private Cohort in each of the Courses included in the Collection. 

How do you track progress through the Collection? 

Progress is tracked through each individual course as learners mark steps "Completed" or "Skipped" (if optional). Collection progress is the total of all progress made in the courses that make up the Collection. To complete the Collection, all steps will need to be completed or skipped in all of the courses.

Do courses in Collections sync back to the Source Path within that course? 

Yes, they do. Make edits once in the course Source Path and they will update to all cohorts, including those used inside Collections. 

Can you have community discussions in the Collection itself? 

Yes, you can start new discussions in the Collection Community. However, it does not yet aggregate all discussion happening in each of the courses within the Collection. We'll likely add this as an enhancement down the road. You can continue to have discussions within the courses in the Collection.

Can you enforce order or minimum passing score on each course? 

No, not yet. We'll likely add this as an enhancement down the road as well. 

Can courses be marked as optional in a Collection?

Not yet, but we are considering this for a future update.

Can you award a certificate for a Collection? 

Yes, a certificate can be downloaded upon completion of an entire Collection, if enabled. 

What teacher tools can I access in a Collection? 

  • Invite members and staff (yes)

  • Scheduling (yes)

  • Stats (yes)

  • Review (yes)

  • Notes (in-progress)

  • Message the class (yes)

  • Learner preview mode (yes)

What access does a Course Editor have when invited to a Collection? 

When you give someone Course Editor access to a Collection, they can add public or members-only courses to the Collection and remove or rearrange courses included on the Path.

They can add new cohorts and edit all course and cohort settings. 

They cannot add private courses to which they have no access and they cannot access the content of any courses in the Collection (unless they are given access to those courses individually). 

What access does a Teacher have when invited to a Collection? 

When you invite someone to enroll in a Collection Cohort as a teacher, they can add public or members-only courses to their Cohort and remove or rearrange Courses included on their Cohort Path.

They cannot create new Courses, add private Courses to which they have no access, or edit the original content of any courses in the Collection (unless they are given editing access to those Courses individually). 

Clicking into Courses on the Path will enroll them as teachers inside those Courses. 

Can I edit my Collection anytime?

Similar to editing a course, if you edit or delete content while your Collection is in-progress, it can affect the progress and grades of your learners.

If you remove a course from an in-progress Collection and then add it back again, this is known to cause errors for learners and staff trying to access that course. Once a Collection is in-progress, we recommend leaving the courses in place, at least until your active cohorts are concluded.

Enrollment updates (new!)

Now when you add or invite someone to a Collection as an observer, learner, moderator, or teacher, they will be auto-enrolled in all the Paths that make up the Collection at the same time. Here are some notes on how this works:

  • You can add one or more existing users to a Collection using Share > Add and if no payment is required, they will be instantly enrolled in the Collection and all the Paths that make up the Collection. They will receive one in-app notification and one email notification to let them know they've been added to the Collection. Please note that bulk-adding a large number of people to a large Collection can take some time to process (in the ball park of 30 seconds) so you may need to wait a moment for the process to finish.

  • If you share an invite link, or if you add people to a Collection under Share > Add, and they don't have existing accounts and/or payment is required, learners will be enrolled in the Collection and in all the Paths that make up the Collection when they accept the invite link and create their user account and/or pay as the situation requires. They will receive one email notification to confirm their enrollment in the Collection.

In addition, when you remove someone from a Collection, they will be removed from all the Paths that make up the Collection, and any associated progress will be deleted.

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