This feature is currently in beta testing and pre-requires the Complete Plan or above. Admins may apply for the beta.

Do you have staff members or mentors tasked with tracking their own set of learners across all the courses they're taking? 

Now, with community groups, one leader or mentor can track their own mentee(s) or team across all courses and review their work - even in courses they're not teaching! 👀

A few examples

As the Admin, you can track multiple teams. 

Each leader or mentor can see who is a member of their team and review any member's progress. Or a mentor can track a single learner through an entire program.

Leaders can manage their own groups and members as well as add new nested groups and add members that they already manage to those groups. 

How do I create a new group? 

You'll need to have admin access to the account to create new groups. 

  1. Open Community from the Admin Dashboard or from the main menu. 

  2. On the Community screen that pops up, select the Groups tab. 

  3. Select New group and choose a name for your group. Optionally adjust the other settings. When ready, click Create. Now you're ready to add members. 

How do I organize groups? 

Use community groups to track various segments across your account. For instance, a leader can be set over a sales team, support team, or product team, or any organizational segments that work for you.

Optionally nest groups inside other groups. Expand and collapse groups for more clarity. 

How do I add members to my group? 

Once you've created your group, find it on the Groups list and click Add Members. Here are the types of members you can add: 


  • Mentors can view progress for members in their own group and review assignments; they can leave feedback and points on assignments (if points are used). 

  • Leaders can do everything mentors do plus manage their group settings and create new nested groups. They can add people as leaders, mentors, or members if they belong to a group they already manage. 


  • Members are listed in a group and can be managed by the mentor. They won't see any indication that they belong to a particular group yet (more community engagement coming soon). 

To add staff and members...

  1. Use the search bar to find existing users in your account and add them to the group. Search by name or email address and look up multiple people if you like. 

  2. Make sure you have the correct role selected and then click Add. Users will be added instantly. 

  3. You can add people in any role or change their role later. 

To edit the role of a leader, mentor, or member...

To edit the role of a leader or mentor, select the menu below their name and select the desired role. Confirm, and their role will be changed. 

To edit the role of a member, select the additional actions icon (...) to the right of the member's name and select "Make mentor." 

To remove staff and members...

To remove a member, select the additional actions icon (...) to the right of the member's name and select "Remove from group." 

To remove a staff member, select the menu below their name and change their role to member. Then follow the instructions above to "Remove from group." 

Can I edit my group settings?  

Yes, select the additional actions icon (...) to the right of your group and select Manage group. You can...

  • Edit the name

  • Add an optional description

  • Nest this group under another group to clarify organizational relationships

  • Delete the group

How does a mentor track progress and review work?

How to access your groups

Once assigned to a group, a mentor's Home page provides access to any groups they are leading. 

To review items for one member...

  1. Open the group by clicking on the cluster of members. 

  2. To the right of each member, you'll see a Review icon. When any outstanding work needs manual grading, you'll see a red notification on the Review icon. Click on the icon to see a list of completions that need review. 

  3. Select an item to review the item, leave a point value (if points are assigned), and/or leave feedback. 

To view courses and activity for any member...

  1. Open the group by clicking on the cluster of members. 

  2. Select any member by clicking on them or tapping. 

  3. You'll see an account-wide activity feed for the member that includes steps completed and all discussion posts. 

To review a member's overall progress...

  1. Open the group by clicking on the cluster of members. 

  2. Select any member by clicking on them or tapping. 

  3. Select the Courses tab and select a course. Their progress card for that course will open and you can review their progress and grades percentages for the course to date. Click or tap any item on the card to open the review panel for that step. 

Here's an article from the Mentor's point of view, covering just what the Mentor can see and do. 


Two downloadable CSV reports are available for Community Groups and these can be accessed only by account admins. To download a report, go to Community on the Dashboard or main account menu, open the additional actions icon in the upper right corner, select a report to download.

Community Group Report

This CSV report lists basic information about each group.

Includes the following data: group ID, group name, slug, description, group created date, parent group, parent group name.


Community Group Membership Report

This CSV report contains more detailed data about each user's membership in each group.

Includes the following data: membership ID, user ID, user first name, user last name, user email address, group ID, group name, member role, group parent ID, membership created date.


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