There are at least two ways you may be asked to submit a project or assignment. Some projects may require you to upload a file from your device, whether a typed document, a photo or other image, a video, an audio recording, or another file type. 

Written projects can also be created and submitted directly within the course. 

First, let's look at uploading a file from your device. 

Upload a file

When you are asked to upload a file, you will see a "Submit" step like the one below. 

1. Select the "Pick a File" button to open a pop-up screen that will allow you to select where you want to upload a file from. Note: you may need to turn off your browser's pop-up blocker; you can google instructions for your device and browser if you're not sure how. 

You can upload from: 

  • Your computer or mobile device. 
  • Dropbox 
  • URLs
  • Google Drive
  • Github

2. Typically, you will upload a file saved on your device. Browse to the file you want and open it. The file will upload automatically. 

Once your file is uploaded, you will see it on the page, and the "Complete Step" button will be highlighted. 

3. Finally, click "Complete Step" to submit the file and continue.


You can upload any file from a laptop or desktop provided it does not exceed file size limits. Photos and videos can be uploaded from mobile devices. 

For legacy content, size limits are as follows: documents up to 20MB, audio up to 100MB, and video up to 500MB.

For newer content, file size limits are as follows:

  • image, audio, and text files up to 100MB
  • video files up to 1.46GB.

Write a new document

Another way to submit a project is to write a paragraph or essay type answer from within your course and submit it immediately. 

When you are asked to write a paragraph or essay answer, you will see a "Submit" step like the one below. 

  1. Type your answer directly in the text box provided. Or, type your answer in a file and then copy and paste the text into the text box. This is helpful when drafting an answer over a long period of time or without internet connection. 
  2. When finished, click "Complete Step. 


There is a 3000 character text limit, but you can optionally attach a file for longer works.

Reset submissions

Your teacher may give you the opportunity to reset and retake certain steps. If you have permission to retake, here's how to reset your step. 

Before you submit a file, you can replace the existing file by uploading a new one. After you've submitted, you can only upload a new file by resetting the step. 

  1. Click "Reset" below the button that takes you to the "Next" step. 
  2. Click "Clear" to remove the last file you uploaded. 
  3. Use "Pick a File" to choose a new file to upload. 
  4. Click "Complete Step" to submit the new file. 

Note: uploading a new file will replace the previous file. If you need to upload multiple files to one step, you can upload them as a zip file. 

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