This Trigger occurs whenever a member completes a tracked activity in Pathwright. Tracked activities include:

  • Completed a step
  • Skipped a step
  • Reset a step
  • Posted a discussion
  • Responded to a discussion
  • Paid for a subscription
  • Paid for a single registration
  • Registered for a group
  • Completed a course
  • Became a member
  • Subscribed to a subscription plan 
  • Cancelled a subscription
  • Created a new group

Result object

The activity trigger returns information about the activity for a specific user, along with information the object that was acted on.

  • activity: Describes the activity type.
  • user: The User object for the User who completed the activity.
  • school: Describes the School object (your Pathwright Account).
  • class_section: Describes an Offering object, namely the group in which the User activity occurred.
  • course: Describes a Resource object, namely the course or lesson in which the User activity occurred.
  • registration: Describes a Registration object, namely the User’s registration to the Course Group.
  • meta: additional attributes related to the activity, when applicable (discussion id, step id, etc.)

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