Caused by

  • A student cancelling their subscription to a school’s subscription plan.

Result object

The student unsubscription trigger returns information about a User’s subscription to a school’s subscription plan.

  • event: Describes an Event object detailing the type and time of the event being sent to Zapier.
  • id: The ID of the user’s Subscription object.
  • user: Describes a User object, namely the User who subscribed to a plan.
  • school: Describes a School object, namely the school in which the subscription was started.
  • subscription: Information about the subscription that comes from The Subscription’s unique ID.subscription_plan: Information about the plan that the User subscribed The plan’s unique ID.amount: The amount that this plan costs per month, in the school’s currency.interval: Either Monthly or Yearly, depending on billing frequency.trial_period_days: The number of days included for free with this plan as part of a trial.trial_end_dtime: If the subscription included a trial, this is when it ended/will end.canceled_dtime: If the subscription was canceled, this is when the cancellation was processed. Note that this does not indicate whether or not the subscription is active. A mixture of other attributes in this object can be used for that purpose, notably is_canceled_at_cycle_end and cycle_end_dtime.cycle_start_dtime: The start time of the current billing cycle, or last billing cycle in inactive subscriptions.cycle_end_dtime: The end time of the current billing cycle, or last billing cycle in inactive subscriptions.card_last_4: The last 4 digits of the card to be used for the subscription.paused_until_dtime: If set, this subscription is paused, and will be automatically resumed on at this time.is_canceled_at_cycle_end: If true, the user has processed a cancellation request for their subscription, and it will be cancelled at the end of the current cycle. Also set true for inactive subscriptions that were canceled.is_delinquent: Whether or not payments have failed, leaving the subscription delinquent.cancellation_reason: An string describing the reason for cancelling the subscription.
  • meta: Contains extra attributes about the subscription.subscription_duration: The number of months that the subscription was active for.

Example object

    "event": {
        "type": "student.subscription.canceled",
        "sent_time": "2014-11-11T20:58:25.688658+00:00"
    "id": 14519,
    "user": {
        "username": "john_doe",
        "first_name": "John",
        "last_name": "Doe",
        "email": "",
        "membership": {
            "membership_type": "Student",
            "can_manage_school": false,
            "is_school_admin": false,
            "can_create_course": false
        "id": 52047
    "school": {
        "id": 14123,
        "name": "Online Academy"
    "subscription": {
        "id": 15138,
        "subscription_plan": {
            "amount": 27,
            "interval": "Monthly",
            "id": 7,
            "trial_period_days": 0
        "trial_end_dtime": null,
        "canceled_dtime": null,
        "cycle_start_dtime": "2014-11-05T10:52:58Z",
        "cycle_end_dtime": "2014-12-05T10:52:58Z",
        "card_last_4": "5678",
        "cancellation_reason": "User unsubscribed",
        "is_canceled_at_cycle_end": false,
        "is_delinquent": false,
        "paused_until_dtime": null
    "meta": {
        "subscription_duration": 0

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