Caused by

  • A student completing a course.

Result object

The student course completion trigger returns information about a User’s completion of a course, along with information about the course and group to which the user is registered.

  • event: Describes an Event object detailing the type and time of the event being sent to Zapier.
  • id: The ID of the Registration object.
  • user: Describes a User object, namely the User who completed a course.
  • school: Describes a School object, namely the school in which the course was.
  • class_section: Describes an Offering object, namely the group to which the User is registered.
  • course: Describes a Resource object, namely the course or lesson to which the User is registered.
  • registration: Describes a Registration object, namely the User’s registration to the course.
  • meta: Contains attributes about the completion itselfdays_to_completion: The number of days between registration in the course and completion of said course.completed_time: The time at which the course was completed.

Example object

    "id": 99750,
    "event": {
        "type": "student.course.completed",
        "sent_time": "2014-11-11T16:34:33.509938+00:00"
    "user": {
        "username": "john_doe",
        "first_name": "John",
        "last_name": "Doe",
        "email": "",
        "membership": {
            "membership_type": "Student",
            "can_manage_school": false,
            "is_school_admin": false,
            "can_create_course": false
        "id": 52047
    "school": {
        "id": 32213,
        "name": "Online Academy"
    "class_section": {
        "id": 65224,
        "name": "My Group"
    "course": {
        "id": 43441,
        "name": "Economics 101"
    "registration": {
        "points": {
            "percent_of_max": 31.428571428571427,
            "max_possible": 350,
            "earned": 110
        "role": "Student",
        "id": 99750
    "meta": {
        "days_to_completion": 6,
        "completed_time": "2014-11-11T16:30:18.401248+00:00"

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