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A Course Author can be the lecturer, the curriculum designer, the teacher or moderator, or all of the above. The profiles let the learners know who is involved in creating and/or teaching the course.

Adding an author to a course does a couple things: it gives you a place to upload a profile picture and brief bio of the author or teacher of a course to the course “About” page; it creates an author category in your library that enables students to search by that author/teacher; and it displays to students how many courses by that author/teacher are available in your school. 

Add or edit Authors

You can access the author manager by opening any course to the “About” page. If you open to the Path, just select the "About" tab at the top of the course Path. 

Select “Add authors.” Select "Details" and you’ll see some controls under "Authors." You can add existing authors to the course by selecting them from the drop down menu here. Remove authors by clicking the X by their names. 

To add a new author, select the gear icon on the right to bring up the author manager. You can also access this manager from the Library and Dashboard. Select “New Author.” Or click on any existing author to edit.  

Add a name and profile picture for your author or teacher. Click on the default image to upload a new picture. 

The name, picture, and bio (optional) will be displayed on the course “About” page for each course to which the author is added. 

The author name will be displayed to learners on the left menu in the Library and school members and visitors can use this to sort courses by author. 

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